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Frisco Family Law Attorney

Collin County Divorce Lawyer

Legal issues involving your family require sensitive and knowledgeable representation and counsel. At the Law Office of Lauren Cain, we provide legal services that protect clients' rights, secure their futures and guard their families.

Advocating for You

A Family Law Attorney With More Than 20 Years of Experience

With more than two decades of legal experience, our attorney can provide you with focused representation targeted to your specific needs and goals. If you are seeking an uncontested divorce, have been contacted by Child Protective Services (CPS) or have been denied your parental rights by your ex-spouse, our law firm can assist you.

Comprehensive Family Law Practice

We undertake all matters related to divorce, including child custody and child support agreements. In addition, we handle niche legal issues such as prenuptial agreements, adoption and grandparents' rights. If you need to rewrite your will or establish a trust for a special-needs child, our law firm can help.

Passionate About Protecting Your Rights, Achieving Your Goals

Our attorney and staff understand that when you are involved in matters such as these, it can be difficult to know how to protect yourself. Our Frisco, Texas, law firm will look out for your best interests and advise you throughout any legal proceeding. Family law matters are often more complex than they appear. We provide legal representation that can both deal with challenging legal issues and guide you with care and compassion toward the outcome you seek.

If you are facing a challenging legal matter involving your marriage, your future or your family, contact an experienced lawyer. Call our Frisco family law attorney at 972-377-0016 to learn how we can help.

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