Alimony Attorney Collin County

In many marriages, there is often one spouse who is the primary wage earner. When these marriages come to an end in divorce, it can leave the lesser-earning spouse in a very uncertain situation. This can be particularly true for spouses who set their own careers aside in order to be homemakers and provide for their children.

Under Texas law, the court has the authority to order some level of spousal maintenance as needed for the recipient to provide for his or her own basic requirements. Often referred to as alimony or spousal support, there are a number of different factors that the court considers in evaluating requests for spousal maintenance, and the assistance of a knowledgeable Frisco alimony lawyer can help you understand your rights.

Understanding Spousal Maintenance In Texas

At the Law Office of Lauren Cain, we have successfully represented spouses on both sides of spousal maintenance disputes. Attorney Lauren Cain is equally adept at pursuing support for recipient spouses and challenging unfounded claims on behalf of spouses at risk of having an order entered against them.

Not every person seeking spousal maintenance will receive it. There are several important factors that the court will consider in the process of determining a spouse’s eligibility, including the length of the marriage, the recipient spouse’s ability to find gainful employment and whether the recipient spouse was the victim of family violence. Our Frisco alimony attorney works tirelessly to secure an outcome that provides the most benefit for our client.

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