An Attorney to Help Child Support Modification in Texas

Many issues that are settled during divorce proceedings can be changed, or modified after the divorce is finalized. However, Texas law does not permit modifications in all areas. Additionally, there are requirements that must be met before the court will consider a modification.

Most Aspects of a Divorce Settlement Can Be Changed.  Talk with our Experienced Plano Divorce Lawyer

If you are seeking to change your arrangement for child custody, child support, spousal support or visitation, it is important to consult a knowledgeable family law attorney. Contact us at the Law Office of Lauren Cain, we advise and represent people seeking to modify their divorce orders. With more than 20 years of experience, our lawyer knows the court’s preferences. We also advocate for people who wish to oppose their former spouses’ modification proposals.

Protect Yourself

Many people believe that they do not need an attorney to modify arrangements for custody, support or visitation; both parties agree to the change and it is implemented informally. However, circumstances can change, and the parties may no longer agree. If this happens, you will be unable to enforce a change, because it never became part of the order. It is important to protect yourself by having a lawyer guide you through the process of modification.

Grounds For Modifications

You must show a material change in your circumstances in order to obtain a modification of a visitation, child support or other order. Things such as job loss, remarriage, illness or disability, jail sentences or a move-away are common reasons to modify an agreement. Whatever your reason for seeking or opposing a modification, our family law attorney can help you accomplish your goals.

Advice About Enforcement

In some instances, parents become unable to make child support payments and simply stop. A parent may become chronically late when picking up the child because of a change in work hours. A third scenario involves unreported parental relocation. In all these situations, it would be better to seek a modification that reflects your changed circumstances. If you do not, the court can enforce the original orders with negative consequences to you.

Ask a Plano Child Support Lawyer

To learn more about modification and enforcement in Texas, contact our child support modification attorney. Call 214-326-4664 for a Collin County lawyer who listens to your concerns and protects your interests.